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Latest Site Updates

Cash Payments 16/10/20

Customers are now able to submit an order by hitting the "Pay with Cash" button on the Basket page. This will submit the order into the system and a member of staff will come to your table to collect the cash, then bring the change over with your drinks. The previous method of attracting a barwench without flashing a nude or two wasn't getting us to your table quick enough. This new function resolves that problem!

Alternative Account Creation 16/10/20

Alarmingly, there appears to be a great number of people who don't have a Facebook, or simply don't remember their password. The account framework on our website has been overhauled so you can now use just an email address and a password.

Spotify Integration 14/10/20

Our venue plays a curated Spotify playlist in the background, which you can now queue tracks to thanks to the integrated elements of our Jukebox page. Jukebox Credits are required to use this feature and can be purchased from the Misc category.

Mix & Match'able Products 8/10/20

Our site now has the ability to offer particular products within other product pages, with the added advantage of stock control and limits. Prior to this change, all product offerings were static (e.g. the list of flavours for Mix n Match Sambuca) which meant that even if a product was out of stock, customers would still be able to order it.